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Why Choose A Balanced Name

Our method of finding the perfect name is based on a mathematical formula which measures the vibrations contained within language.

For personal names, we provide names that are in harmony with your birth date. This means that the mathematical value of your name equals the mathematical value of your birth date.

For business, we create names that have a specific vibrational value to help create a name that exudes success.

What Is This Mathematica Science

Scientists, mathematicians and philosophical observationsists wondered why it was, that so many people with the same name expressed many of the same personality traits. If you become observant yourself you will see that many of your friends with the same name will have like characteristics.

These scholars soon realized that there must be a power in language as that was the unifying link to what they had observed. It was a simple matter after that to formulate upon this theory, a mathematical principle which would would prove to work every time. The beauty of it is its simplicity.

By balancing and harmonizing one's inner and outer nature with this science, the inner self has unfettered access to the like brain receptor. A perfect union of communication is thus created.

Many people are out of balance because their name is not in harmony with their birth date. Thus the mind is reading the direction the inner self wants for its own fulfillment yet the vibration of their name is taking them somewhere else.

When we are discordant, we wind up making wrong decisions, picking incorrect partners and generally speaking making the same mistakes over and over again.

When the mind is balanced though, miraculous clarity ensues and the way to awakening to your true nature becomes selfevident. This creates even greater health and vitality as making wrong choices for yourself does not happen. Every stimulation of your inner being will now register at the cellular level of the mind, thus allowing greater clarity of thought, eradicating confusion.

Why A Balanced Name Is Good

Spending many hundreds of years developing this science, these mathematicians found that the vibration their students were born into at birth seemed to be in conflict with the vibration of the name they were given.

In tabulating this theory the Sages used a mathematical principle to give each vowel and consonant of the language a numerical value. The numbers were not important in themselves, but they, like all formulae tell a real story. Once the science of mathematics in relationship to vibration was cemented together as a science, the balancing of the name was easy.

More relevantly it was found that Mothers and Fathers always chose names that they liked — not the name that was good for the child per se, but the name that appealed to them. Thus the saying in the Bible:

The sins of the fathers shall be handed unto each succeeding generation.

This Bible saying not only referred to the then unknown science of genetics, but also to the name because at the time the Bible was written it was only fathers who named the children.

When the mathematical value of the name is in harmony with the mathematical value of the birth date, then the child, pet or adult experiences a level of harmony that is free of conflict and confusion that is found so prominently in people of the world today.

This science, although adopted by the Jews in their secret Qabala, and given to their children at their right of passage in the Bar Mitzvah, was lost centuries ago, and now even the Jews do not know how to harmonize the name. It has now become a simple religious rite without any true meaning to the past.

Our method for balancing the name, is the original and only true method of harmonizing the name to the birth.

When you give your child, your pet or yourself a balanced name, you give the gift of harmony and balance. Parents who have given their children balanced names have been amazed at how their child has superceded other children in school and in general, taking responsibility for their relationships with others.

All of the names on our site are organized by their mathematical value. You are free to search our site to find a name or names.

Why A Balanced Business Name Is Good

Have you ever wondered why some businesses are so successful, and why others fail?

Well, I am not going to tell you it is because of their name, but the name of your business is a major reason whether you do exceedingly well, or whether you are doing poorly, and even why you fail.

Everything in life has a vibration attached to it, even non sentient life, but the greatest vibration which exists as a power, is that of language. Even without knowing the science of balancing, we know instinctively that there are some words which are very attractive and draw us towards them, and some which are repellant us.

Language is a power unto itself and has a mathematical placement of its particles. In other words vowels and consonants have vibrations which differ from one another. Not only that, but different letters of the alphabet have different vibrations also.

It seems amazing how Ford and Sears, and Rolls Royce and Exportall have such a ring of success to them. I could go on and on listing the successful business who have successfully balanced mathematical formulae attached to their name.

A businessman came to me who was having trouble with his beauty salon business. It was called Golden Scissors. I performed a quick calculation of the mathematical vibration of that business and sure enough, there was a problem. The vibration of that name stated it would keep people away. The problem was easily fixed by simply dropping the s off the end of the name, thus it became Golden Scissor. This changed the mathematical vibration!

This man adopted the change I had made for him and within 3 months he was inundated with customers.

How do I know this works? Because I have changed thousands of personal names and hundreds of business names.

When people see or hear your name of your business it sets up a vibration in their mind which is either attractive or repulsive. We have all experienced that. Some of us don't even like our own names. They grate on us. So too do business names.

Even if you have a product that people want and a product you know is good, and even though you yourself are personable and manage your business by doing all the right things, it sometimes does not work for you. There is an element missing and you don't know what it is. You may even question yourself by asking, Why isn't our business doing better? What are we doing wrong?

That one missing link is your business name. Everyone knows you by this name, and this name is setting up a vibration which either attracts or repels.

Use our knowledge to help your business attract sales and success.

If you would like help creating a balanced business name, then please visit our Prosperity Names website.

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