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All of the names on our web site are organized by their mathematical value using our famous mathematical linguistic formula.

When you select the perfect name for your pet then you are helping your pet by balancing and harmonizing your pets inner and outer nature with its true nature. In turn, that inner nature has unfettered access to the like brain receptor. A perfect union of communication is thus created. In other words, dogs have a nature different from cats, birds, etc.

When you give your pet a balanced name, you give the gift of an unfettered mind.

If one has a canary that won't sing — especially if it is a male Roller Canary, then changing its name to Sunny will have it singing just as soon as you can make him recognize that he is Sunny. It is amazing, but it works. That numerical vibration for Sunny is the name for song in a song bird. There are other names for other types of birds and different times of the egg being hatched, but that will give you an idea.

When your pet's mind is balanced through this principle, miraculous clarity ensues. This helps create even greater health and vitality in your pet. Every stimulation of your pet's inner being will now register at the cellular level of its mind, thus allowing greater clarity of thought, eradicating confusion for your pet.

In order to get the perfect name for your pet, the name must be in harmony with the proper time it was born, or with the genetic type of pet you have. When you do not know the birth date of your pet, we suggest using a name for the collective mind set of that particular breed.

When a pet's name is in harmony with the date of birth, then the pet will experience a harmonious life in a way that other pets do not.

A wise name for your pet will help your pet live a life of peace.

We can help you find the perfect name for any type of pet including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, ferrets, and more.

If you want to know more about the origins of this mathematical science then please read our page explaining why a balanced name is beneficial.

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