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On April 6, 1996, Swami Harinanda taught me the science of yantra yoga at his kitchen table near the small town of 100 Mile House.

When I left a few days later, the Swami asked me if I would carry on the traditions of yantra yoga after he passed away.

Prior to his passing, the Swami and I worked on many projects together — the Wise Name website being one of them.

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, the Swami passed away and so now, I carry on the tradition while always remembering what the Swami had taught.

The Swami was adamant that I continue teaching the original science of yantra yoga without any changes.

The Swami was also adamant tha I never charge, accept donations or gifts of any kind. This was extremely important to the Swami. The Swami was taught and told to be like this by Ramana Maharshi. The Swami never waivered from this stance.

Like the Swami, I carry on helping those seeking a balanced name using the science of Yantra Yoga while following those two rules:

  1. Continue to follow the original teaching of yantra yoga without modifications.

  2. Never to charge, accept donations or gifts of any kind.

Yantra yoga, like all yogas, is a gift — and like all gifts, must be shared with freely. Spiritual knowledge belongs equally to us all. Like the Swami, I cannot and will not charge for something you already own — spiritual knowledge.

The Swami and I shared the same principles although our approach to teaching or sharing might be different. But the principles, essence and guidelines we follow were and continue to be the same.

Like the Swami, I am not here to convince you of the benefits of a balanced name. Instead, I am here to help those with whom a balanced name resonates.

I often tell my students that yantra yoga is like a hammer. It's a tool. A carpenter can build a house without a hammer, but the hammer makes building the house a lot easier. The carpenter must still work. The hammer doesn't work by itself. Yet the hammer helps the carpenter build a house with less effort.

Yantra yoga or a balanced name is like a hammer. A balanced name helps you live your life more easily. But you must still work at your life and there will still be challenges. But like the carpenter, who from time to time hits a nail incorrectly and must pull it out, a balanced name helps you spiritually overcome obstacles in life more easily.

A balanced may or may not make your rich. A balanced name may or may not make your poor. You can be sick or healthy with a balanced name. You can laugh, you can cry. You can be stressed or relaxed. Your life sill goes on. From a spiritual point of view, a balanced name, like the hammer, helps you live your life more easily.

About one month before the Swami passed away. I told the Swami about how yantra yoga is like a hammer — he loved the comparison.

For those that are sincere and interested in having a balanced name, I and the spirit of the Swami are still here to help.

— Yogi Karmananda

Swami Harinanda with his dog Sunny.

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