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a winning business name!

Believe it or not, but on average, we have found that only a meager 10% of all business names are actually ideal names!

Beth from New Jersey said...

It's been about 1 year since you named our first business Black Bear Investments LLC. Our business has grown so much so that we are on the verge of a new endeavor!

We have created business names that attract success easily. How can we create business names that attract prosperity effortlessly?

Simple. We harness the power of the vibrations of language by utilizing a mathematical principle. Everything in life has a vibration and language is the strongest vibration of all. The mathematics we use has no power in itself, just as Einstein's mathematical formula of E=Mc2 has no value in itself. Each vowel and consonant of language resonates with a different vibration, and when certain vibrations go side by side in the name of a business you can either have a name that attracts or repels. We would prefer to create a name for you that attracts business, success and money.

It's really that simple!

By taking advantage of our business name creation service, you can help avoid the obstacles that approximately 90% of all businesses experience. The difficulties we speak of are a result of having an inadequate and poor vibration in the name.

Pitfalls that a bad business name creates due to negative vibrations include but are not limited to:

The benefits of selecting a wise business name can be tremendous. From a vibrational point of view, an ideal business name can help:

A business name created that harnesses the power of finance and success can help open the doors to prosperity. Good products or excellent services along with hard work will still be a requirement to success. But a well selected trade name can make a significant difference between success and failure.

We have the knowledge and understanding of how to make winning business names using this mathematical formula.

Isn't it time you had a thriving business name that could earn you thousands of dollars?

Take advantage of our knowledge and order a Wise Name today!

All Life Is Vibration And Language Is The Most Powerful Vibration Of All

What do we mean by this?

When a major chord is struck with the left hand on the piano, the right hand would create a harmonious vibration if it struck a major chord also. It is music to the ears but if it struck a minor key it would sound discordant.

Businesses with improperly balanced names produce unpleasant vibrations which could repel potential customers.

Our unique method of harmonizing language will create a trade name with optimum vibrations that will benefit your company (and therefore your income) many fold.

A Wise Name will be working silently in the background to your complete benefit at all times.

More Information:

When you use Prosperity Names, you are taking advantage of expert knowledge pertaining to making business names that are designed to have a strong and beneficial impact on your business.

We harness the power of a scientific mathematical formula. We use this science for calculating and determining which business names are good and which are bad.

There are many prosperous businesses that have, by accident, created or used a successful business name.

Microsoft has a name that suggests a company that is ambitious, scientific and creative while expressing themselves as a pioneer in their industry. Compare this to Apple and you see that Apple has a name that expresses itself as an unstable business even though its product may be better.

Rolls Royce has a name that suggests they have a product which is very exclusive and upper class. Compare this to Mazda and you see that Mazda has a name that is perceived as more family oriented.

Everyone knows you by your business name and your name creates a vibration which either attracts or repels business.

Take advantage of our knowledge to help your business attract sales and success please visit Prosperity Names.

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