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All of the names on our web site are organized by their mathematical value using Yantric Yoga.

We like to describe Yantric Yoga as the jet plane route route to enlightment. Although there are many ways to obtain enlightment, Yantra Yoga is one of the simplest ways as all it requires is the perfect name.

When you select the perfect name for your baby then you are helping your child by balancing and harmonizing your baby's inner and outer nature with its Atman (true self). In turn, the Atman has unfettered access to the like brain receptor. A perfect union of communication is thus created.

When you give your baby a balanced name, you give the gift of enlightment.

When the mind is balanced through Yantra Yoga, miraculous clarity ensues and the way to awakening to your true self becomes self evident. This creates even greater health and vitality because there is no need to make choices. Every stimulation of your baby's inner being will now register at the cellular level of the mind, thus allowing greater clarity of thought, eradicating confusion.

In order to get the perfect name for your baby, the name must be in harmony with the proper birth path. Unless you have studied Yantra Yoga, then you will not calculate the correct birth path.

When a name is in harmony with the date of birth, then the child will experience a harmonious childhood in a way that other children do not. This does not necessarily mean that your child will not experience the trials and tribulations that all children experience while growing up, but instead, it simply means that while growing up the child will know who they are and be at peace with themself.

If you want to know more about the origins of this ancient science then please read our page explaining why a balanced name is beneficial.

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